wearable technology

LVX bag wearable technology

We all know that when a person is out all day and their cell phone battery dies, problems can (and normally do) occur. Battery…

wedding ring

Couplez is for Couples is a web site for couples who want a beautiful piece of genuine diamond jewelry, but don’t want to pay the tremendous prices…



Elizabeth Tryon

Interview with artist Elizabeth Tryon

A classical crossover singer with mainstream appeal, Elizabeth’s greatest passion is combining pop and classical music. Tell us about your music My sound is…

omar kadir

Interview with Omar Kadir

I think people are more in love about the hyped up lifestyle of a music artist more than the music itself. When they see…


furniture design

Interview with Hammers & Heels

All of our designs are EXCLUSIVE. We designed them, we sourced the materials, and we build them right here in California. Tell us about…


Interview with Natural Cleansers

Cleaning to protect health and environment Can you tell us what’s special about your business? We have a commitment to both natural, safe cleaning…