How to Select Your Tuxedo help you select they type of tuxedo for your formal event. Type of lapel Tuxedos come in 3 types of lapels. The decision…


vitamin c serum

ABOTANIQ Vitamin C Serum

Skin care products are used by most of us and we all are habitual of these for each and every event in order to…

spring clean, skin care, skin feeling

Time to Spring Clean your Skin

The winter months can be tough on skin, causing it to feel dry, irritated and overly sensitive. The combination of changes in temperatures, heating…

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migrate to australia

5 tips to migrate to Australia

A lot of people dream about moving overseas and some actually make the decision to do so. Australia is one of the top favourite…



The future: 3d print human skin

“L’Oreal has joined forces with Organavo, a San-Francisco based start-up and proposed to 3d print human skin, which would significantly speed up the process.” The…


Top Cloud Computing Certifications

Cloud computing is one of the most hyped and popular technologies that has taken off in the past few years.  It allows for information…


daddy fashion stylist

The daddy fashion stylist rise to fame

“The daddy fashion stylist talks of father and daughter rise to fame as ‘unintentional’ as he simply shares their daily happenings like all Instagram users.”…

Leila McCann, actress

Rising Star: Actress Leila McCann

  Leila has achieved starring in two off-Broadway plays in the last year, which she also produced. Her debut was ‘The Owl and The…


The black lemons, black lemons

Interview with The Black Lemons

On Saturday, April 16, from 10 AM to 7 PM, Atomic Nashville, located at 1603 Riverside Drive, 37216, welcomes all members of the city’s…



Konifer Watch, Eco-friendly Watches

“Konifer Collection eco-friendly watches with fashion and forest passion.” I had the privilege to interview Max Clement founder of Konifer Collection. Unique eco-friendly watches…