Interview with Asha + Miel Bodycare

I had a hard time finding quality herbal-based hair care preparations that focused on nurturing healthy hair growth that did not contain loads of…


How to look 10 years younger and keep it

Do creams and serums work? There are countless creams and serums in the market that promise to turn back the clock, unfortunately most consumers…

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Interview with Nature’s Time

Nature’s Time not only represent nature, but it also represents our much needed time to see change. Tell us about your watch brand I’ve…



My top 3 favorite computer deals

Whenever I need print cartridges or other computer parts or software I visit computer deals. This website has the best discounts and voucher codes…




Interview with musician Justin Godfrey

Like most musicians, Justin can trace the genesis of his musical career to the environment of his youth. Born to parents of Belizean-Creole and Garifuna ancestry,…

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P Digga releasing his mixtape

P Digga is a talented Nigerian artist based in the US. His infectious blend of hip-hop is condensed within the 15 explosive tracks of…


DJ Producer and pianist J-Hamz

J-Hamz is a classically trained pianist, working as a medical doctor by day and DJ/producer by night. His third release, “Until The End,” is…



The Eco Project by ReGo

ReGo’s interest in music can be traced back to his childhood, when he would write his own lyrics to popular songs. He made them…


How to Relax Quickly

We found this great post on how to quickly relax over on the Yon-Ka blog and wanted to share a synthesized/updated version on our…